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16 October 2020|Directors

Richard George Brown. N.E.D. Memory Applications I was born and lived in small village, situated a few miles from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, the youngest of a family of five children, three older brothers and a sister. Family life was important to my parents, especially to my mother, who was a very loyal and committed advocate of instilling into her children, life values and a strict moral code, which I am glad to say has stayed with us all throughout our lives. Always a driving force, she encouraged all of her children to do their best and aim to achieve personal goals with a view to excelling, whether it be in a social activity or a career choice. As a young man living in South Yorkshire in the 1960s there were only two career paths available to choose from. One was mining and the other was the Steel Industry in nearby Sheffield. Unlike many of my peers, who, either by choice or necessity followed this route. Neither of these options appealed to me and being happiest as an outdoor person, I worked on a local farm while studying at Grammar School. In my early teens I channelled most of my energy into outdoor pursuits; canoeing, sport and exercising racehorses for the local trainer. Unfortunately, when I was sixteen my mother died as a result of a car accident. This had a profound effect on me, and it was at this point I decided to leave home and follow a career in Agriculture. I left home shortly after my seventeenth birthday and moved to North Yorkshire to gain experience on larger farms. The ten years which followed were the most exciting for me in terms of career development and personal achievement. I drew from my upbringing which helped me on many occasions, to demonstrate a sound work ethic and to help me forge a path forward to achieve a successful career. After graduating from Agricultural college in York I worked on large dairy farms which not only offered practical experience, but I was also given my first opportunity in management. During this time, I met and married my wife Wendy with whom I have two daughters, who in turn have given us four grandchildren. On 1st April 1984 my career pulled away from the practical side of agriculture and I secured a job in sales, selling animal feed for a large feed company. Staying with same company for 33 years I worked my way up through the ranks and in 2008 I was invited to be a board member. I remained in this position until my retirement in 2016. Recently I was approached by Peter, the designer of the app and who is also the father of our eldest granddaughter, to accept the offer to be part of Memory Applications to utilise my business skills in helping to launch this exciting and innovative project.

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