Image by Laura Fuhrman

The Odyssea family tree.

Background and History

What is the Odyssea family tree?

The Odyssea family tree is a way for future generations to look back at a family members life and for them to be able to see exactly who the person was. Through their own memories all captured in pictures and video you will get to see the very memories that defined who they were. You will get to relive the memories they loved most and share their journey long after they have gone. 

But what if they are still alive?

Well this is the special part of the Odyssea family tree as well as the family member recording their own journey, you can record your memories with them and create folders of the times you spent together full of videos and photos not only that but you can record your journeys together through memoirs and write about your adventures together. This can all be passed on to future generations so they can be inspired by the memories of the past.