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The journey of a lifetime

Odyssea is a family social media application, that can let you and the people you care about relive memories as if they happened the moment you recorded them. What if you could look back through a window into the life you lived. With all the laughter you shared and the tears you cried. Imagine then for a moment been able to look at the memories that made you feel the same emotions as the day they happened . Would this not be a truly powerful and incredibly emotive experience . Imagine reliving the numerous adventures with your friends and the last time you laughed with you father, or the last time you heard your mothers voice and felt the warmth of your families love all captured and preserved in time forever. Then having the  ability to let the memories you saved make you once again smile and laugh making you feel loved and supported. The gift of been able to remember and share in such a  powerful way is available nowhere else except in Odyssea.   
Memory though is not just about the past but also the future….I ask you again to imagine stepping forward through time to any point and leaving a message of love, advice or inspiration for the people that matter most to you. knowing that what ever life holds for them, that you are with them even after you are gone you are able to connect with the people you love. You will always be with them and always will be in Odyssea

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We are planning a whole new look through out the Odyssea brand so everything will feel familiar and welcoming. The website will be getting an update and the app will be getting a whole new look and feel. Although the app currently does everything it should we feel the whole look and experience is not what we feel you deserve. So we have invested time and money into making it look and feel the best it possibly can. We hope you like it!


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Download Odyssea now and join us on this amazing journey. Record your life to pass on for generations to come. Everybody has a story what will your say............