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A Family Social Media App for all your memories! 

Unleashing Memories, Connections, and Generational Stories

Protect the memories you create and have peace of mind about what happens to them.

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Unleashing Memories, Connections, and Generational Stories

Introducing Odyssea, the groundbreaking family social media platform that goes beyond conventional social networking. Odyssea is designed to capture and preserve the essence of your life story through memories, connecting generations and creating an enduring legacy. With its innovative features such as the Family Tree, Media Pockets, Time Capsule, and Pathway System, Odyssea offers a unique blend of personal and shared experiences. 


Protect the memories you create and have peace of mind on what happens to them.


Pathway System: Tailor Memories and Connections:

Odyssea's Pathway System empowers users to control who sees their memories, creating customized and compartmentalized sharing. Whether you prefer a closed and private group for your family or community to share projects and activities, or a more open profile for businesses and public figures, the Pathway System allows you to curate and share memories with precision. It ensures a deeper connection with followers, enabling a personal touch in sharing announcements, new releases, and exclusive content.

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Family Tree: Embrace the Power of Generational Connections:

Odyssea's Family Tree feature allows users to import family connections directly within the app, unlocking a treasure trove of memories and experiences. Through the Family Tree, you can build a comprehensive picture of your life and the lives of your ancestors, creating a powerful narrative of generational stories. Memories stored in the Family Pathway form the backbone of this captivating feature, enabling you not only to see your familial connections but also the shared memories and experiences that bind you together.


Time Capsule: Be Present at Future Events, Share Messages:

Odyssea's Time Capsule feature transcends time and distance, allowing you to be present at future events and engage in day-to-day interactions. Send heartfelt messages, congratulations, and well-wishes to loved ones for job interviews, birthdays, and other special occasions. Additionally, the Time Capsule lets you invite connections to contribute their own photos and messages, creating shared experiences. Businesses can leverage this feature to share promotional content, exclusive sneak peeks, and engage with their audience in a unique and meaningful way.


Media Pockets: Document Events and Cherished Moments:

Within the Family Tree, Odyssea's Media Pockets provide a remarkable way to record events, milestones, and personal reflections. Capture the essence of special moments through videos, photos, and even memoirs. These media pockets can be linked to specific individuals within the Family Tree, offering a deeper understanding of not just your relationships but also the memories you've shared together. Preserve and relive the joyous occasions that shape your family's history.


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